To ensure this wiki is under control and has a great community, rules have been put in place for people to follow. If a user breaks one of these rules and are caught, they may face punishments which are stated next to the rule they have broken. If the user has violated the rules multiple times, they may be permanently removed from this wiki without allowance of repealing it.

If a rule should be added or revoked, please contact an admin of The Conquerors 3 ROBLOX Wikia so they can discuss about that.


  1. Treat people nicely and do not do anything harsh against the users of this wiki
  2. Only ask to become an administer of this wiki when a post by the owner has been posted on forums.
  3. Do not vandalize this wiki by adding inappropriate content
  4. Do not purposely ruin a page in this wiki
  5. Do not edit a page (such as a user's page) without their permission
  6. Do not add links that do not go to ROBLOX or this wiki
  7. Advertising on this wiki should not happen unless it is approved by an admin of this wiki

Reporting A User

If a player is found breaking one of these rules, please notify an admin. If they continue to break these rules while an admin is busy, try to attempt to counter them by reverting any damage which has been done by that user.

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