Water is a substance in the game that is not a unit and cannot be placed in without script hacking(The game has an anti exploit script to prevent this). Water is a parts of specific maps where it has islands, forcing people to use boats or planes to move across. In the old game, The Conquerors, the water could be collided into and a whole block, but in the newest game, The Conquerors 3, it uses a terrain block called water to have a newer texture and has a invisible block right below it so it allows boats to float instead of falling through the water and also to let you not fall through the water due to it having being free from collision. A glitch was found in game where you could go in the water with soldiers and tanks, but it was later sort of fixed by making the water drown soldiers or tanks. Another glitch occurs since water isn't a solid block which allows units to overlap each other and get stuck.