A wall column is a original building unit from the game, The Conquerors. It is used to make walls. It has its own category called 'Walls' and adds +1 for each wall column placed down.


After researching walls, people use a wall column to make a wall.

Steps to make a wall

  1. (REQUIRED) Research walls in the research center
  2. (REQUIRED) Make two wall columns next to each other and buy an engineer. The columns must be 6 studs or less in between each other
  3. (REQUIRED) Put an engineer between the columns and it should either make one wall or multiple walls
  4. (Not Required) Make a gate in the wall

People mostly use walls either around their base, near an entrance, or near water. It is highly defensive and is quite effective for holding back troops and letting turrets or HQ's or CC's kill them.

Defensive Tactics

When making a wall, it is a good idea to put a wall around your base with turrets next to the wall. If you are so confident that you have a good defense, make a wall just around a headquarters or command centers. It is also a good idea to remove unused wall columns for extra walls due to it not removing the wall.