Don't mind me standing in the background, just getting a better angle

The building pack show-off will include, basically everything in the WWII Building Pack that costs 700$. (Headquarters and Plane House isn't included)


In Order:

  • Command Center
  • Barracks
  • Airport
Construct Yard
  • Construction Yard
  • Fort
  • Hospital
Naval Shipyard
  • Naval Shipyard
Power plant
  • Power Plant
Nuc Plant
  • Nuclear Plant
Nuclear Silo
  • Nuclear Silo
  • Bunker
Space Link
  • Space Link
Research C
  • Research Center
Oil Rig-0
  • Oil Rig
Tank fact
  • Tank Factory
Tank house
  • Tank House
Soldier House
  • Soldier House (the roof is missing, but its just gray)
Anti-, Tur
  • Anti-Air turret (left) and Turret (right)

This took a long time to make, and it also took a lot of robux..

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