I ran a test with ground and air units where I counted the number of times it took for the CC to fire at the unit before it dies, therefore lettimg me effectively compare the health of units. Some results came as expected, while others were beyond prediction. Have a look for yourself below:

Statistics: CC hits needed to kill unit


Light- 12

Heavy- 12

Repairman- 2

Constuction- 2

Medic- 3

Engineer- 12

Anti Air- 8

Juggernaut- 22


Light- 31

Heavy- 31

Anti Air- 28

Explosive- 12

Artillery- 5


Light- 21

Heavy- 21

Transport- 21

Stealth- 4

Space Fighter- 24

Mothership- 36


Jeep- 17

Soldier Transport- 23

Humvee- 28


This reveals the hidden truth that light and heavy troops have the same healthpoints, meaning contrary to regular strategies, both units are equally viable in defense. However, the difference between light and heavy units may lie in attack strength instead.