• Squiddum

    As shown through the previous blog, light and heavy troops boast the same amount of health, which can lead to questioning over whether light or heavy units are superior in terms of value. However, there is evidence that the main difference between the light and heavy variants may boil down to their offensive power.

    I first conducted a test on both light and heavy soldiers by counting how many hits it takes for a soldier to kill an enemy light soldier. Here are the results:

    Light- 97

    Heavy- 67

    Not only did the heavy soldier kill in less shots, it also had a faster fire rate than the light soldier, ultimately leading to the heavy soldier having a higher DPS than the light soldier.

    More experiments to come...

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  • Squiddum

    I ran a test with ground and air units where I counted the number of times it took for the CC to fire at the unit before it dies, therefore lettimg me effectively compare the health of units. Some results came as expected, while others were beyond prediction. Have a look for yourself below:


    Light- 12

    Heavy- 12

    Repairman- 2

    Constuction- 2

    Medic- 3

    Engineer- 12

    Anti Air- 8

    Juggernaut- 22


    Light- 31

    Heavy- 31

    Anti Air- 28

    Explosive- 12

    Artillery- 5


    Light- 21

    Heavy- 21

    Transport- 21

    Stealth- 4

    Space Fighter- 24

    Mothership- 36


    Jeep- 17

    Soldier Transport- 23

    Humvee- 28

    This reveals the hidden truth that light and heavy troops have the same healthpoints, meaning contrary to regular strategies, both units are equally viable in defense. However,…

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