Pure Competizione

aka Alex

  • I live in Auckland, NZ
  • My occupation is Mugello Formula One Team Driver, and Proud Owner of a Mugello Raffinati Vitesse
  • I am Legend
  • Pure Competizione

    New Skins

    October 5, 2017 by Pure Competizione!/decals

    I have discovered upcoming skins in BrokenBone's inventory, which are:

    • Vietnam Tanks
    • Korean tanks (South Korean but generically named Korean)
    • Soviet Tanks
    • Futuristic Tanks
    • Japanese Navy
    • A Snow Map
    • A Circular 4v4 map

    Add your thoughts below.

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  • Pure Competizione

    I have made the ultimate troll base, on top of a mountain unable to be reached by any units besides space planes. This would be such a pain if any enemy was online... I later added a Tank Factory.

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