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  • Mogeto

    Someone test this out

    May 7, 2017 by Mogeto

    The Conquerors Mark II used to have a health number. I'll assume their stats are same/similar.

    Light Soldier is 100.

    Heavy Soldier is 100

    So they have same health. On the description it says it has more attack power. Which is probably true with The Conquerors 3 aswell

    Someone test if its true or not. Test the stats. Not with command center but rather having a friend to use Light vs Light Light vs heavy etc. Alright I'll update the rest thanks bye

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  • Mogeto

    High+, High, Medium, Low. This is unclear and I think we should get a new stats system like. Start from base. Light Soldier health and damage and then we test everything against each other. It might be hard but it's very informative like and we can also put High Medium etc but we'll bracket it and put it beside the stats value. What do you guys think?

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