This strategy is only viable in 4v4 Conquest. Avoid using it in any other mode, as it is a support strategy and cannot let you win alone.

Also, yes, I am aware this wiki is dead.

Early Game

You want to place as many nuclear and power plants as possible, as well as oil rigs. Avoid making any other buildings aside from research centers and Barracks (so you can make more scouts).

Once you place some Research Centers, get to work on researching the Nuclear Silo. Keep expanding your ways of getting cash.

Mid Game

By now, your Nuclear Silo will hopefully be done when it comes to research. So, build it. While you're at it, research the Fire Missile if possible. Once your Nuclear Silo is done, start work on a missile. Don't strike yet unless the enemy is already attacking, but both sides often only attack after 10-20 minutes.

Late Game

Okay, this is your chance! Have your allies group their armies. Fire your missile at your target, and let your allies send their armies toward the now weakened target/base! Start work on another missile. Continue to do this until the game is over.

Final Notes

Build at least 3 Research Centers or the researchables will not research fast enough.

Consider building a shield if you have a surplus of money, especially if the enemy is aggressive and constantly targets your silo location.

Don't use Fire Missiles on bases. Use them on large armies.

Don't use Nuclear Missiles on armies. Use them on medium to large bases.