The 15th of June Update, or otherwise known as The Content Update is an update for The Conquerors 3 released on the 15th of June 2017.


The Content Update is one of the largest updates in TC3 history, adding the most units out of any update. It also added a large amount of other features, such as coin rewards doubling, the Black and White Teamcolour Gamepass and having the prices for skins and skin crates lowered. Round winners will now win skin crates with this update. Another smaller update was released shortly after, buffing the Helicopter and adding the round timer back among many things.



  • Japanese Buildings- this pass has the most buildings out of any skin pack. So far the only skin pack to contain the Shield Generator.
  • Scout and Sniper added to USA WWII skin pack.


  • Helicopter- a new unit produced from the Airport or Aircraft Carrier able to garrison three soldiers. The more soldiers it has garrisoned the more firepower it has.
  • Scout- this unit is the fastest soldier in the game, and does the same damage and has the same health as a Light Soldier. It is armed with a pistol.
  • Sniper- a ranged unit only able to attack soldiers, but it does so with a large amount of damage. It outranges all soldiers.
  • General- this unit, built in the Fort, does no damage, but will give soldiers an effect making them less prone to damage and also makes them deal more damage.
  • Medi-Truck- not really a new unit, the Transport Truck was renamed to this and also given a new appearance, with a medical cross over a white background on the rear. It now heals garrisoned troops.


  • Shield Generator- an expensive building that produces a large shield that can protect allied buildings. Once enough damage is death to it it will need to recharge, disabling it momentarily. Only one can be built per player.


  • Survival Maps- all except one of the survival maps have been added to Conquest, including the Islands map.