Welcome to the The Conquerors 3 ROBLOX Wiki

Welcome to The Conquerors 3 ROBLOX Wiki, a wiki designed to help and inform the players of this game. Creating pages on aspects the game that we have missed out, or adding something new to existing pages is appreciated and does help us out a lot. If you have any questions, or queries about the wiki, please do contact the wiki owner, Supermario on the ROBLOX website. Thank you.

Reason to Make this Wiki

This wiki was created to help users (old or new) to understand aspects of The Conquerors 3 on ROBLOX. If by any means you are the creator of the game, BrokenBone (strict evidence required) and wish for a page to be changed or removed, then do tell us and we will do so.

Unofficial Wiki

This wiki is currently unofficial. If you know of the official wiki, please contact Supermario on the ROBLOX website.


To see the rules of the wiki and to know how to enforce them, click here to see how you can help make our wiki community better!

Content of Game Only

If editing or creating a page on this wiki, please do not go off-topic. This may cause confusion to those trying to understand, or learn something new about The Conquerors 3.

Latest activity


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