Hello, and welcome to MY strategy on The Conquerors 3.

A little bit of info on myself: I've started out with The Little Men when that first came out. I've switched over to The Conquerors by HatHelper when it was first released and playable. Before it became big. I've achieved lvl 96 on that before HH was banned. I've went inactive for some-odd years until Alkan/BrokenBone decided to create TC3. Bought BETA, and have been playing ever since. I'm lvl 49 on it as I type this. So I know what I am doing. My profile: .



I prefer not to rush, as I believe it's a very noobish and easy way to win. I don't like the idea of killing a few Command Centers and a few plants. I like to get numerous coins and kill big armies and bases. So if you want to rush, or learn HOW to, then you're on the wrong Strategy page, as this will not work in this circumstance. Plus, this is only for Naval maps too.


So, I will divide this in 4 categories.


Ally someone that is good. I tend to play with one of my numerous TC3 friends, as I know they are good. Okay so, once you start and vote on a map, first thing that I do is build a NP by my CC. Then I ask my ally to pitch in $40 to split the dock price. I then buy as many oils in the ocean. Once that is done, I buy a transport ship to go to my other ally's base to build a NP since it's guaranteed safe since the 20 mins makes the CC stronger.

After that, it's all economy-based now. I try to plant as much as I can. I limit myself to 190 p/m. I usually do 12 NPs, leaving me with 13 building slots for my Capital. (I call it Capital instead of a base. Or a fort. Etc.) So now, once the planting is done and my p/m is 190ish. I start to build my capital.


So then, I build my capital. I have 13 slots, so I have my CC, and the Soldier, Tank, and Plane Houses. Which equates to 8 Research Centers. After I research my silo, I build it. Then prebuild a missile that will build whenever the silo is done. Then after that, I max out my Unit limits. (Planes=11, Tanks=11, Soldiers=14.) Once I get that done, I research Walls. Once that is all done, I sell all 8 of my research centers. Which leaves me with 12 NPs, and 5 buildings (CC, Plane,Soldier,Tank house, and a silo.) After that, I build a barrack, THEN once that is done, I build 13 heavy soldiers, and 1 Repairmen. I then build my HQ, Space Link, then 2 AA turrets. Then I build my Tank Factory. Then last are 2 forts. Then a wall around my Capital.

So in order list for building is: (cc=command center, sh=soldier house, ph=plane house, rc=research center, hq=headquarters, aa=Anti-Air turret, F=fort, B=barracks, tf=tank factory, s.l=space link.)

Capital Phase 1


Capital Phase 2

CC S.H T.H P.H HQ AA 1 AA 2 F 1 F 2 B T.F S.L SILO

LATE GAME: This is when I start to max out my Tanks and my Space Fighters. Once that is done, I create 2 transport ships, and then an Aircraft Carrier. Plus 4 Battleships. Then my Armed Forces is complete.


Now, I basically kill anyone that attacks me first, or if I can attack them if I want.



Note from Rouge_Grenade, user of the annoyance strategy (btw u should check it out)

I am your counter :3 get rekt