The Annoyence Startegy (I cant spell) is made by Rouge_Grenade,

here are the steps:

1.Get an ally close to your base

2.Expand as quickly as possible

3.ALWAYS attack enemy power plants or nuclear plants when u can

4.Use the scouts to rush pass enemy lines and attack their plants


Mid game


If the enemy has not rage quit by now, do 5

5.If you have any kind of aerial units, use them to attack the enemy's plants

6.You can also use the attack of power plants as a distraction

7.Let the enemy waste his money on building turrets and anti-airs

8.When the time is ripe, crush the opposition with a iron fist



1.If you are fighting against 2 or more people who understands this strategy, you're screwed

2.The only times when I win with this is when I have an ally or the opposite teams are really nooby

3.It will no always work, hence the saying ~"No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy"~Sun Tzu


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