The Annoyance Startegy is made by Rouge_Grenade,

Here are the steps:

1.Get an ally close to your base.

2.Expand as quickly as possible.

3.ALWAYS attack enemy power plants or nuclear plants when you can.

4.Use the scouts to rush pass enemy lines and attack their plants.


Mid game


If the enemy has not rage quit by now, do step 5.

5.If you have any kind of aerial units, use them to attack the enemy's plants.

6.You can also use the attack of power plants as a distraction.

7.Let the enemy waste his money on building turrets and anti-airs.

8.When the time is ripe, crush the opposition with a iron fist.



1.If you are fighting against 2 or more people who understands this strategy, you're screwed

2.The only times when I win with this is when I have an ally or the opposite teams are really nooby

3.It will no always work, hence the saying ~"No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy"~Sun Tzu


Added at 10/5/2017

Jeeps and Hums are only good if you wish to carry heavy soldiers to attack.

If all of the reachable power/nuclear plants are guarded, use a stronger for to attack it (but don't use your main force).

Try and also target key buildings that are exposed (most common is shipyard. Target unguarded production buildings if you can).

Be sure to research submarines, they are good against the new, dumb, and confused enemy commanders.

Stealth bombers are trash (unless it is REALLY late in the game and you both have like buff bases and all)