Territory Conquest is a gamemode in The Conquerors 3. The game runs on a similar basis to King of The Hill, except instead of capture points there are territories, and the more territories the player has the more points they have towards winning. An alternative way of winning is by eliminating all enemy teams. Players will need two buildings in each territory to claim it. The territory will appear the same colour as the team colour of the player who claimed it. Unclaimed territories are white, and unclaimable territories are dark black.


Build two buildings in a territory in order to capture it.

The territory is white when it is neutral. It will turn to the player's team color when they capture the territory.

Your points will be given to the whole team. But the coins after the game ends will be given depending on the points you got.

The game will provide 2 construction soldiers at the beginning of the game, or one if it is a land map.

Players will get 55 building slots as opposed to the regular 25, so that claiming land is easier.


Try to capture territories with crystals first.

There are some important locations in the map such as paths that connect to another area. This game mode has many black walls to block units, making paths important.

Defensive buildings such as Turrets, Forts, and Command Centers are cheaper in this game mode.

A video about it

If you're a good rusher, forget that you're playing Territory and play as you would in regular conquest. They won't have the time to win by territory rules and you'll just wipe them out.