Description Edit

Terrain is a feature in The Conquerors, The Conquerors Mark II, and The Conquerors 3. It includes water and land. In the newest game, The Conquerors 3 is more different with terrain than the other two due to it including the new water from the building block terrain and it also uses a CSG modeler to give it a more newer look. With terrain, it allows the player to be able to build on most of the terrain, also makes the game look more realistic, and allows the player to also have a new battlefield ever new match, but it is also buggy since it can sometimes allow a player to go through the terrain, thus making them get stuck before they reset or teleport to base.

Water Edit

Water is a substance in which only ships can pass through, and the only buildings able to be built on water are Oil Rigs and Water Mines. Planes, however can fly over water.

See full article: Water.

Sand Edit

Sand is a substance only found in water maps (not even desert maps). It is the only terrain that Naval Shipyards and Naval Houses can be built on. Any other land based buildings can also be placed on sand.

Aesthetical Terrain Edit

There is a number of specialised terrain types for maps, but are for aesthetics only.

Tri-Weather and Four Seasons are the only maps to mix aesthetic terrain.

  • Snow- on snowy maps, replacing the standard grass texture.
  • Ice- on ice maps and some snow maps.
  • Desert Sand- on desert maps.
  • Moon Dust- on moon maps.
  • Mars Dust- on Mars maps.
  • Stone- on cave maps, not including two and three corner cave.
  • Slate- in all Territory Conquest maps marking unclaimed territories.
  • Coloured Territory- in all Territory Conquest Maps marking claimed territories.

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