What is an team? Edit

A team is a part of how The Conquerors 3 works. An team shows what player is on an team and what color their team is on. It is possible to have an team with two people, making it easy to loose all your work if they troll the players hard work. An team can have allies in the game and make an nation. All the color teams in the game are, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, and Black.There is also a game pass to let you change your team colour into orange,grey,teal,pink etc.There is a bug in the game where an team can be a 2 v 2 v 2 or 4 v 2 or 1 v 5 when it is suppose to be a 3 v 3 round or where a team can be 4 v 2 or 1 v 5 or 3 v 2 v 1 for a 2 v 2 v 2 match.

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