Tanks in the Conquerors 3 are mainly the strongest cheap units affordable. They tend to have high durability and range and is best combined with soldiers. Most people tend to build the Tank Factory at around the beginning of the game. Tanks are known to be the slowest type of unit in the game.

Types of Tanks

Name Price Armed Researched
Anti Air Tank $90 Yes No
Artillery $115 Yes Yes
Explosive Tank $60 Yes (On Contact) No
Heavy Tank $90 Yes No
Light Tank $70 Yes No

Common Usages

  • Tanks can be use to out-range turrets making them usable in long range combat.
  • Using Artilleries is a good way to take out a cc without taking damage
  • Light tanks can be use in early game to combat enemy soliders and taking enemy plants
  • Explosive tanks can be use to suprise attack the enemy since they possess high explosive damage on contact (4 explosive tanks can take out a cc)


There used to be a construction tank that was removed and replaced with the construction soldier.