All tanks lined up, including the Artillery

Explosive Tank - At only $60; being the cheapest tank in the game, it has no range and must get in contact with an enemy unit to deal damage. Best used on rush assaults, this unit has enough armor to keep it alive against any enemy trying to take it out. The speed is high enough that there will not be enough time to deal damage before it hits a target.

Light Tank - The Light Tank, at $70 is faster than the heavy tank and can be used as a meat shield for other units due to its lower damage.

Heavy Tank - The Heavy Tank, at $90, is a slower, more powerful tank, able to dish out more damage than the light tank and support infantry.

Anti-Air (AA) tank - The Anti Air tank,costing $90, is only able to target air units, but can deal extreme damage. It is faster than the heavy tank and best used against an enemy with many air units.

Artillery - The Artillery costing $115, is a long range unit that can only target buildings and can deal heavy damage to any targeted building. Best used in a group against an enemy base, able to stay out of range of the command center until it targets it.

Edited/Revised by RoBLOX user CommanderPierson (okay I didn't FIX it fully, but some "cars guy" just triggered my OCD)

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