Survival is the co-operative gamemode of The Conquerors 3. In the game, all six players are automatically allied. The enemy team will be Teal, controlled by AI.


Before the AI begins attacking, players are allowed roughly 11 minutes to build up p/m and prepare defenses. The timer at the top of the screen indicates the time left before the first wave spawns.

After the timer at the top runs out, enemies will begin to appear. The timer will now indicate when the next wave will spawn.

The main goal of the gamemode is to prevent the AI from capturing the point as much as possible. As long as an enemy unit, regardless of how many, is on the point, it will captured in 300 seconds (5 minutes) although this may be slowed down due to lag.


As waves pass by, units will be noticeably buffed in healthpoints and attack. For example, a regular artillery that would normally be dead by 5 hits from a command center will suddenly be able to withstand several CC lasers by wave 40.

Missiles will also be launched by the AI, often targeting strategic buildings such as production buildings(eg barracks), houses(eg tank houses) and even nuclear plants. Unlike the regular nuclear missiles that are obtainable from nuclear silos, these AI missiles only damage one specific building.

However, the AI also uses fire missiles that damages a wide area. This is especially damaging to the repairmen strategy, as the fire radius easily splashes on individual units. Putting units in garrison can help prevent units from burning upon the missile's initial impact.

In naval maps like Beach, aircraft carriers are sent at certain waves to attack and guard oil spots on the ocean. Even though they can be a nuisance as they hinder money supply, they can easily be dispatched by sending naval units like battleships to guard the rigs.

Also, they have special units in the game called Super Heavy Soldiers, Super Juggernauts, and Super Heavy Tanks

These units appear to be larger than their counterparts and have buffed stats.

As you approach waves 30 - 50 lag will start slowing any building construction down. This will also slow the timer down. With slowing things down it gives the building less time to be built.