The supercrystal is a variant of the energy crystal. It is a pre-generated block that currently only appears on 11 maps, Magma 3, Mars 6, Paths 2, Mars 2, 2 Corner Cave, RyRy's Oil Map, Desert Vs Grass, Desert Vs Grass 2, Mars 6, Fantasy, and Four Seasons 2. Also like the energy crystal, it allows Power Plants and Nuclear Plants to be placed beside it, as long as a unit or building is nearby.


The supercrystal is different from the normal crystal stat-wise. It doubles the income of any income building you make near it. For example, a power plant that normally produces 10 cpm now produces 20.


  • Unlike the normal energy crystal, this has particles effects emitting off of it.
  • It was added on 4/19/18, along with superbases.