Note the rest of the submarine's body submerged beneath the water surface.

Cost 150
Type Naval
Built In Naval Shipyard
Health Unknown
Speed Medium+
Range (Studs) Short
Damage Low
Reload (Seconds) Fast


The Submarine is a stealth-based naval unit used for covertly attacking ships and naval buildings (Naval Shipyard, Oil Rig, etc...). It is difficult to defend against due to only being able to be damaged by destroyers and other submarines


Sub Merge

A submarine in submersion mode. Note the submarine's slight transparency.

It has the special ability of being able to submerge and remain cloaked. While it is cloaked, it cannot attack enemies, but they can not damage it either.

Unlike other naval units, it can only target other naval units and naval buildings.

The only exception to this is the destroyer, which is the only other unit that can damage submarines besides the submarines themselves.

The submarine must be researched in order to be trained.

The hostile submarine will automatically disappear if there is no other building, unit to be attacked as to prevent someone from hiding their sub to prevent losing the match

The submarine was released on March 6th. The link for the update can be found here:


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