A stealth bomber is a modified original unit from the game The Conquerors. It can only be attacked by certain units.

It takes resemblance of a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber.


When the player constructs an airport, and researches the stealth bomber with a research center, it is possible to get a stealth bomber. However, it is unable to be produced in an aircraft carrier. Once achieving the stealth bomber, people tend to use it over weak armies with low or no defense over it due to the stealth bomber being 'invisible' to the units who can't attack it.

Attacking Strategies

When using a stealth bomber it can be a good idea to use it to attack weak buildings or power plants as they are quite fast with an addition of their damage cause and their good use of being 'invisible' to certain units. If attacking strong armies, it is good to bring in additional attackers like soldiers, tanks, and other planes to distract them from attacking the stealth bomber as it’s health is very low. It is commonly used for taking out plants and oil rigs.

When people see that there's nothing to do, and it is impossible to win, some people create one of these and just make it run away from all the troops. It is very hard to catch it and can only be caught by a space fighter.

While the stealth bomber seems like a good idea (high damage, fast speed), its 'invisibility' does not hold true to its name. Below is a chart including which units can and cannot shoot at stealth bombers.

Light Soldier NO Stealth Bomber NO
Heavy Soldier NO Gunboat YES
Juggernaut NO Battleship YES
Anti-air Soldier YES Destroyer YES
Light Tank YES Aircraft Carrier YES
Heavy Tank YES Turret YES
Explosive Tank NO Anti-air Turret YES
Anti-air Tank YES Command Center YES
Light Plane YES Fort YES
Heavy Plane YES Headquarters YES

Information tested in a small server by bryann0000, XawesomeX19, and firebreath05

Based on the information from the chart, virtually every unit except for foot soldiers are able to detect and destroy stealth bombers, making it rather ineffective unless against conquerors who are just starting out. Due to its research time and high costs, however, by the time stealth bombers become available to you, they can be shot down by everything.