A space fighter is a unit from the original game, The Conquerors. It is a close second to the fastest unit in the game, closely behind the Stealth Bomber.


A space fighter is mainly used in the middle of the game due to the cost of a space link or mothership. Space fighters can be used as distractions, making ties, and fighting, although they are not great in damage. (space fighters do the same damage as heavy soldiers.)

This unit can be produced from the mothership. It can also be produced from the Space Link.

They also have the same health as a heavy soldier, and just like a heavy soldier, it's great in numbers. So use it in numbers for optimal performance.

Attacking Strategies

When using space fighters, it is a great idea to use it to attack enemies power plants and change the tide of the war. It should be used in small attacks or on a weaker enemy base, a trio is a good amount to destroy a weak base, and can retreat quickly if needed.


  • With the Sci-Fi Space Units Pack ($1100 or 100 R$, or $425 for space fighter only) it resembles a T-70/T-65 X-Wing Starfighter from Star Wars, and the TIE Fighter with the Star Wars skin pack.