Soldiers in The Conquerors series are the backbone of armies and the most diverse of a type in its games. The soldiers are one of the first things introduced to a player due to being spawned in the beginning of the game with a command center.

Types of Soldiers

This is the list of all units that count as the soldier population point, in alphabetical order.

Name Price Armed Researched
Anti Air Soldier $50 Yes (Air Units only) No
Construction Soldier $25 No No
Engineer $35 No Yes (unlocked with walls)
General $220 No No
Heavy Soldier $20 Yes No
Humvee $85 No Yes
Jeep $55 No No
Juggernaut $65 Yes Yes
Light Soldier $10 Yes No
Medi-Truck $90 No No


$125 No No
Repairman $25 No No
Scout $15 Yes No
Sniper $70 Yes No
Super Heavy Soldier Unobtainable Yes N/A
Super Juggernaut Unobtainable Yes N/A

A more specific guide of soldiers can be found here or on the link below.

Common Usages

One of the most basic usages of soldiers are to make income buildings. This is due to the player only ending up with 4-5 movable units which are soldiers. The only time land units cannot do this is when the income building requires oil, which can only be found in water.

Another usage of soldiers are obviously for combat. Due to soldiers being mainly the cheapest of all the units and having the highest limit, they are most likely used in combat.

One other common use of soldiers, more specifically a construction soldier, is when they are used to make yards. These construction yards allow for easy building without having to be near a energy crystal or a player's buildings. They also allow players to build bases at remote areas which are sometimes not easy to access.


  • Most of the soldiers from the most newest conquerors take many old units and concepts from the first conquerors such as snipers and juggernauts
  • Soldiers are the first movable units the players gain; it can include light soldiers, scouts, and on water maps, construction soldiers
  • In survival, the most abundant units are soldiers
  • Two units in survival are survival only and are not obtainable to the player. This includes the super heavy soldier and super juggernaut both are double the sizes of there cousins the heavy solder and juggernaut.
  • If a Nuclear Assualt is eminent on your base. You can protect your troops by installing a Bunker and Garrison your troops in it.