The sniper is a soldier in Conquerors 3, and is made in the barracks. Just like artillery, the sniper can only aim for a specific type of unit which are soldiers.


Due to it's expensive price, they aren't commonly used. They are, however useful for attacking 'vacant' teams, or when surrounded by heavy soldiers.


  • Their weapon appear to be an M4 or M16 assault rifle with an extended barrel.

Attack Tactics

  • You should set your snipers at distance aiming for whatever it can aim. It should be able to pick off units, one by one. I suggest you have a mini backup just in case the player is active and is about to attack your snipers. Picking off soldiers will have a great impact on the tide of the war.
  • Garrison snipers on Humvee or Jeeps, as they can attack an army of soldiers while they can escape quickly.
  • Try putting a group of heavy soldiers infront of one/them when preparing to attack, this way when sniping and your enemy attempts to attack your sniper/s, your heavies will intercept and your enemies wont be able to stop the sniper.
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Compared with Heavy Soldiers



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