The sniper is a soldier in Conquerors 3, and is made in the barracks. Just like artillery, the sniper can only aim for a specific type of unit which are soldiers.

Usage Edit

Due to it's expensive price, they aren't commonly used. They are, however useful for attacking 'vacant' teams, or when surrounded by heavy soldiers.

Attack Tactics Edit

  • You should set your snipers at distance aiming for whatever it can aim. It should be able to pick off units, one by one. I suggest you have a mini backup just in case the player is active and is about to attack your snipers. Picking off soldiers will have a great impact on the tide of the war.
  • Garrison snipers on Humvee or Jeeps because U r trash
RobloxScreenShot20170702 084429758

Compared with Heavy Soldiers

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