The shield generator is a new building to the conquerors series. As the name implies, it generates a shield to protect units against enemies. The shield generator was included in the 15th of June Update.


The shield generator is a defensive building. Once built, it generates a shield which covers a large vicinity. Due to the fields strength, it can protect any units from anything which may come to attack them, even missiles. If the shield is damaged, it will slowly regenerate as long as it does not take anymore damage. If the shield is offline, it will take about a minute to reactivate if it is not being attacked.

Due to the strength of the shield, it, like the headquarters, is allowed to be placed only one time per player and another one cannot be built until the shield is destroyed/sold.

When using the shield generator, any allies you have should not put any units inside it because enemies can attack their units even if enemies do not enter the shield.

Defensive Tactics

  • Since the shield generator can protect units, they should be placed at important places like a base. To make the shield more effective though, it should have other defense buildings such as bunkers to make enemies not aim for the shield generator which is weak in hit points. Also try not to have any buildings be on the outside because fire can also destroy the shield generator.