Rooms Photo (TC3)-0
A room is similar to something like a TC3 server predecessor. It is the first thing a player sees when they join the game. A player may choose to join any of the rooms 1 to 7, each of which have different level requirements and gameplay modes.

Types of rooms

  • Room 1: Conquest (Can be joined by anyone) [Max 6]
  • Room 2: King Of The Hill (Can be joined by anyone) [Max 6]
  • Room 3: Conquest 4v4 (Levels 5 and above) [Max 8]
  • Room 4: Survival (Levels 5 and above) [Max 6]
  • Room 5: Conquest (Levels 5 and above) [Max 6]
  • Room 6: Territory Conquest (Levels 5 and above) [Max 6]
  • Room 7: Conquest (Levels 10 and above) [Max 8]


When a player sees a room he wants, he/she can click it's "join" button and will be inside that room. Once that room has enough players, the room will announce that the game starts in 5 seconds and the players inside will be teleported to another game where their battle starts.

If a player has a habit of starting a server and leaving it right after the game starts, he/she will no longer be able to join rooms to start a game for a period of time. However, the player can rejoin his last game or join a game that has already been started to remove this ban (or just wait). After that, the player can resume joining rooms.

Below are the criteria to be temporarily banned from rooms:

  • The game has more than 3 players,
  • The player's team is not dead (basically without anymore buildings and units),
  • The player left the game in the first 5 minutes of it's start (this timing may vary between each room)

Note that the "Join" button of a server the user is banned from will have a red bar cover it.