Overview Edit

The research center is from Conquerors Mark 2 . The building allows the research of endgame units and buildings. The more research centers that are built the faster everything is completed.

Usage Edit

The research center allows you to research new units or new buildings/upgrade buildings. Placing more research centers allows for faster research.

Two research centers will double the speed, three will triple, etc.

If you're researching multiple items at the same time, it will be slower.

You can get a refund if you cancel a current research, though the exact value is yet to be found.

Researchable units and building Edit

Unit Cost Time Unit Cost Time
Artillery $55 8m20s Soldier Cap Boost +3 $20 2m10s
Stealth Bomber $75 8m20s Soldier Cap Boost +4 $40 5m10s
Juggernaut $60 5m Tank Cap Boost +2 $15 1m20s
Nuclear Silo $100 20m Tank Cap Boost +3 $25 2m40s
Fire Missile $60 2m30s Tank Cap Boost +4 $60 5m10s
Walls $70 8m20s Plane Cap Boost +2 $25 1m40s
Humvee $30 3m20s Plane Cap Boost +3 $40 3m40s
Submarine $75 2m Plane Cap Boost +4 $100 6m40s
Soldier Cap Boost +2 $10 1m Soldier Cap Boost +4

Time is based on a single research center.

Trivia Edit

  • 3.0's favorite building

Skins Edit

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