Planes in the conqueror series tend to be the fastest and strongest units in the games. They also travel in the air and can transport soldiers.

Types of Planes

Name Price Armed Researched
Heavy Plane $100 Yes No
Helicopter $70 Yes No
Light Plane $75 Yes No
Mothership $420 Yes No
Space Fighter $120 Yes No
Stealth Bomber $175 Yes Yes
Transport Plane $125 No No

Common Usages

  • Planes can travel around most maps pretty easily,they're versatile and deadly making them a useful tool to corrupt the other team economy.
  • Transport planes can be use to land soliders quickly which can be use to launch a suprise invasion EX : Dropping off 6 juggernauts with 1 transport planes or 12 heavy soliders with 2 transport planes


  • In survival, planes currently have no "super" buffed units yet (although rumors talk about super motherships and super heavy planes on rounds which exeed 100)
  • The only need addition of planes in The Conquerors 3 are helicopters
  • Most of the planes in The Conquerors 3 originate from the original conquerors


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