All planes lined up, both from the airport and space link


The planes are built at an airport that costs $300 and the space units are built at a space link that costs $440. Planes function like helicopters and can go over medium-level mountains. The can also be made at an Aircraft Carrier. For this reason, they are used to attack enemy navy, destroy power plants, and make power plants. Also, this article includes space units.


Light plane- Cost: $80 It is similar to the light soldier. It has low damage, but higher speed than the heavy plane. It has medium health. 

Heavy Plane- Cost: $100 It is a slower but higher damage dealing plane, and has increased health compared to the light plane.

Transport plane- Cost: $125 It is faster than the light and heavy planes and is the only flying unit to transport soldiers. It can only carry 6 soldiers.

Stealth Bomber- Cost: $175 The Stealth Bomber extremely fast plane with close to no health. It has the ability to attack units without loud gunfire sound. Best used to destroy unprotected enemy plants without the enemy sending units over. This is the only plane resembling a real plane, which is the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

Space Units

Space fighter- Cost: $120 It is one of the fastest units in the game and can pack a punch, even with a slow fire rate. The unit also flies higher than planes but is able to target and be targeted by all units (excluding the Artillery and transport vehicles). Space units also fly higher than planes.

Mothership- Cost $420 The mothership is a slower, extremely expensive unit that has the ability to make space fighters, similar to the carrier making planes. Even though it is extremely large, it can be ripped to shreds by multiple units due to an even slower fire rate than the space fighter.