The Pirate Strategy Edit


This strategy has many flaws but if done correctly might be devastating. It's not the best.

This basically teaches you on how to be a TC3 Blackbeard.

Requirements: Edit

A Sea.

Usually best with oil maps.

Works great with ally.

Naval Shipyard.

How to do? Edit

First like any other game, get an ECONOMY. Then build a naval shipyard before anyone else.

When you have it. Build oil rigs and then battleships. Have another ally to do this for best performance.

One will focus on air and land aswell. So you must have great multi-tasking allies or multi tasking skills yourself if you're going to solo it. Start guarding island coasts. Expand and place power plants in inbetween islands.

When they build a naval shipyard. Full force destroy their naval shipyard before they make anything. Keep making them waste money. Then the one that focuses on the main attack (Again, it can be you or your ally) will strike when he's distracted.

Also, PROTIP: Your battleships and destroyers have better reach than turrets and land troops. So you can destroy them unless they shoot with a plane or their own navy. Just do a blockade on their naval shipyard and block their expansion. Leave them cornered. As time goes you on you get stronger. As time goes on they are weaker. Then strike when needed.

PLAN B: Everything needs a backup plan. If they manage to get a fleet without you noticing. Get submarines if they dont have destroyers or submarines. You can troll them badly with undetected submarines.

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