Nuclear Silo
Cost $675 (+100 on research money)
Purpose Production and Launching of Missiles.
Income None
Health High
Damage None
Reload (Seconds) 2400


A nuclear silo is a original unit building from the game, The Conquerors. Players must research this in order to be built. It is also mostly seen around mid to late-term matches, with an extremely high cost to use.

The nuclear silo takes exactly 20 minutes with one single research center that is researching nothing else, and takes a long time to build as well.

The time it takes for a nuclear silo to build is 4 minutes 30 seconds.

The time it takes for a nuclear/fire missile to build is 4 minutes.


As the name suggests, it is used to produce and launch nuclear missiles and fire missiles at an opponent, whether it is at a base or an approaching raid of large numbers. Fire missiles also have to be researched before they can be used. It can only produce one nuclear missile at a time, launching one will also require some time to launch another.

A video on how to use the nuclear silo (along with a nuclear missile or a fire missile) is included below, by Angelo Gaming.



Attacking Strategies

When using a nuclear silo, it cannot move nor attack so it is a good idea to keep it in the middle of a base, under troops to conceal it, or a secret area to keep it safe. One common mistake people use it that they put it outside where it is not covered, while the missiles can phase right through bricks until it hits its target.

When firing nuclear missiles, it usually is best to try to strike immobile enemies, such as buildings or armies mid-combat. They dish out very high damage, but timing is key. Make sure your enemy won't move when your missile is mid-flight.

When firing fire missiles, it is usually best to fire at key enemy structures, as the DoT (damage over time) and blast radius can be devastating. Use these at any time during a fight to seriously weaken the enemy's base.

Fire missiles can also be used to devastate an army, as the AoE (Area of Effect) applies almost immediately, setting everything ablaze, while the Nuclear missile takes a while before it fully spreads.

Generally, it goes; Nuclear for buildings, Fire for military forces. Nuclear for stronger, instant, but slower spreading damage, Fire for weaker, DoT, instant spreading damage. (Spreading damage meaning the time it takes for the missile to land, and then spread it's effect, whether it be in a mushroom cloud, or instant fire.)

When you have a missile, do not fire it at a shield. The missile will die the moment it touches the shield. It is best to allow your military to burn down the shield before launching the missile.


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