The navy units of The Conquerors 3 are the only units of which can travel on water and is the only unit type to be able to transport other units across it.

Types of Naval Ships

Name Price Armed Researched
Aircraft Carrier $400 Yes No
Battleship $160 Yes No
Destroyer $120 Yes No
Gunboat $75 Yes No
Oil Ship $35 No No
Submarine $190 Yes (Varies) Yes
Transport Ship $60 No No

Common Usages

  • Getting oil ships in the start of the match that have oil is generally advised since they're only 35$ and they give the same amount as a power plant.
  • Destroyers can be use as AA-turrets to defend beaches or oil rigs against enemy planes
  • The aircraft carrier is really versatile,it can be use to transpot large ammount of units,protect oil ship or beaches,it can also be use as an airfield but when you make these make sure to have a fleet to protect them
  • The submarine can be used to stealthly take out enemy oil rigs or navy yards.
  • The Transport ship is a nice effcient way to transport soliders or tanks on navy maps.


There is a chance that when your boats stack pile, they can glitch out of the map. This tends to be very annoying, as you waste money.