All ships obtainable in the game, including the submarine on the right.

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Now, let's get into the naval ships, note you will require a Naval Station/Shipyard to build any of these units. Also keep in mind, to repair Naval units you need to have your vessel near a repairmen that isn't garrisoned.

Oil Ship- Cheapest ship to built at 35$, it is able to become into an oil rig on a black oil puddle on certain water maps. The oil rig is the cheapest way to make money as it adds 10$ per minute, paying for itself in 3 minutes.

Destroyer-The destroyer, costing 120$, is a versatile ship. It has an anti air cannon on the middle of the ship, able to deal heavy damage to enemy air units, and a regular cannon on the front to attack all other units. Best used against an enemy with a lot of aerial units on or near sea water. It is the only unit that can attack Submarines other than Submarines themselves.

Gunboat- The weakest naval unit,costing 75$, having one small cannon on the front, is not as useful as a battleship or destroyer. However, the gunboat is quick and weak, best used to snipe undefended coastal enemy buildings in the beginning of the game.

Transport ship-Costing 60$, the transport ship has the ability to transport 6 ground units at once across water. The ship is agile and best used to attack enemies' bases when your land is not connected to theirs.

Battleship-The battleship, being the best ship to attack enemies and costing 160$, has the longest range of any armed ship, the heaviest damage, and the slowest speed. This is your go-to unit for naval battles.

Aircraft Carrier- The aircraft carrier,being the most expensive naval unit (400$), is the backbone of any naval invasion fleet. It is extremely advisable that you do not put this unit into direct combat, due to the weak cannons, extremely slow speed, and high cost. The aircraft carrier is best for naval invasions due to it's ability to garrison 12 ground or air units (excluding space units) and the main feature is the ability to make planes wherever it is at, excluding the stealth bomber. 

Submarine- The submarine is a researched vessel. Costing 150$ it is an excellent choice for keeping your enemies off the sea. Submarines are a special boat being the only boat that can submerge itself, attack only buildings and other naval units, being the fastest boat in the game currently, and when submerged, not being able to be seen in the radar. A submarine is good for taking out buildings near a water's edge since nothing can target it (Besides other submarines.) It's also good for taking out other boats if they already built themselves up a huge fleet of Battleships and Aircraft Carriers. 

These are the naval units! Feel free to comment :D  

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