Naval Shipyard
Cost 80
Purpose To create ships.
Income None
Health Unknown
Damage None
Reload (Seconds) None

Overview Edit

A naval shipyard is a original building unit from the game, The Conquerors. It is used to produce ships for maps that have water. It is made by having a building near the water.

Usage Edit

As stated above, naval shipyards are used to make ships to travel around maps that have water. They can also make offensive ships, like a battleship, or ships that make planes, like the aircraft carrier. Later on in the game they are used for transporting mainly tanks due to planes not being able to carry tanks. Be careful when spawning a whole bunch of these as a boat can spawn on another and wither away to nothing.

Attacking Strategies Edit

Due to a naval shipyard having no special ability except to make boats and be near water, it can be used as a distraction to nearby enemy attacking boats.

Units Edit

Oil Ship: $35

Transport Ship: $60

Gunboat: $75

Destroyer: $120

Battleship: $160

Aircraft Carrier: $400

Submarine: $150 (must be researched)

Gallery Edit

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