The mothership is a plane unit in the Conquerors 3, built from the Space Link. It counts as 3 planes, has very high health and damage, and can produce space fighters.


Motherships are usually used mid-late game and can be very useful for airborne sieges and powerful quick attacks. The mothership could stay in the back of a fight, undamaged, endlessly producing space fighters to lay siege on an enemy army or base. It can also garrison Space Fighters, a useful feature for a surprise attack. 

Attack Strategies

As stated in the Usage section, motherships can be used mid-late game for airborne sieges. For example, while your or an ally's army are fighting each other, motherships can stay behind the army and out of harm's way, producing countless space fighters for high sustained damage. However, this strategy should only be used after a large and reliable source of income has been secured, as it drains money alarmingly fast.


  • In the Sci-Fi or Star Wars pack, if you buy a mothership, the mothership will shoot rapidly from its cannons.
  • When killed they give coins.
  • This is roughly the most expensive unit there is to offer, following behind, is the Aircraft Carrier.