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The Modern American Unit skin pack is a cosmetic skin pack series that costs 600 ROBUX. Tanks and planes require their skins being bought using ROBUX. The user can play the game in a stretched time by winning or losing to gain coins and buying it in the in-game Catalog. All units require their USA WW2 skins to be bought in the in-game catalog. Tanks require their skins to be bought in the game.

It changes the appearance of certain units to a theme associated with modern American troops in the Middle East, with soldiers having khaki clothing and your team colour.

Does not apply to: jeeps, Humvees, medi-trucks, commanders, water mines, landmines,

  • Modern USA Light Soldier, armed with an M4
  • Modern USA Heavy Soldier, armed with an upgraded M4
  • Modern USA Medic
  • Modern USA Costruction Soldier
  • Modern USA Scout, armed with an MP5
  • Modern USA Sniper, armed with an M110
  • Modern USA Anti-Air Soldier, armed with an FIM-92 Stinger
  • Modern USA Engineer
  • Modern USA Repariman
  • Modern USA Juggernaut, armed with an M249
  • Modern USA Light Tank, based on an M1 Abrams
  • Modern USA Heavy Tank, based on an M1 Abrams
  • Modern USA Explosive Tank, based on an IAV Stryker
  • Modern USA Anti-Air Tank, based on an IAV Stryker
  • Modern USA Artillery, based on an M109
  • Modern USA Light Plane, based on an F/A-18
  • Modern USA Heavy Plane, based on an A-10
  • Modern USA Transport Plane, based on an C-130
  • Modern USA Stealth Bomber, based on an F-117
  • Modern USA Helicopter, based on an UH-60
  • Modern USA Gunboat
  • Modern USA Transport Ship
  • Modern USA Oil Ship
  • Modern USA Destroyer
  • Modern USA Battleship
  • Modern USA Aircraft Carrier
  • Modern USA Submarine