A Medi-Truck is a ground unit used to transport soldiers in the Conquerors 3. It can garrison up to 12 soldiers, more so than any other method of transportation, however, soldiers cannot shoot while garrisoned. Garrisoned soldiers will be healed.

It resembles a Mercedes-Benz Unimog U4000.


The Medi-Truck is generally used as an efficient way to quickly transport all of one's soldiers on land. It is best used in maps without water. It is also best used with a soldier house, as the vehicle does take up one soldier slot, meaning a player can only have nine soldiers with the starting limit. It can also be used to retreat damaged soldiers from the frontline quickly.

The Medi-Truck can garrison 8 more soldiers than the jeep, and 6 more than the humvee. It is the cheapest option for land transportation when adjusted for garrison size.

Its purpose was changed just before The Content Update was released, from transporting troops to also healing troops.


  • This unit's name was changed from Transport Truck in the 15th of June Update, or The Content Update.