Cost $65
Type Soldier
Built In Fort (Needs to be researched beforehand)
Health Medium
Speed Medium
Range (Studs) Medium
Damage Medium+
Reload (Seconds) Medium


The juggernaut is an unit from the original game, The Conquerors. This unit has to be researched first before being able to be built. These troops have higher health and deal more damage than a heavy soldier. Like the Heavy Soldier it has an M4 carbine.


In early games, it is rare to see a juggernaut due to its having to be researched first and then getting a fort. In mid-late games, people still don't use them commonly but if used, they can kill off some tiny armies.

Juggernauts are primarily used as a way to make transportation easier. Since they take up two soldier slots and have over twice the stats of heavy soldiers, each jugg essentially counts as two-four soldiers, while only needing half the space in transport planes / transport ship. For instance, 5 juggs are better than 10 heavy soldiers, yet only need one transport plane (5 slots) rather than two (10 slots).


  • Most people will only use them in mid-late games, it is a good idea to use them early if you want to destroy a tiny army of light mixed with heavy soldiers.
  • When combined with a Humvee and General, although expensive, are extremely fast moving and powerful.
  • They are commonly used in massive attacks towards secure, defended bases, as they can be a ground unit version of the Space Fighter meaning if you have space fighters you can take on bases.
  • Very useful in survival since he does not need to move that much and the damage is very helpful.


Oddly, the Juggernaut appears to be wearing a swat/paintball mask.