A heavy soldier is an original unit from the game, The Conquerors. It is one of the most commonly used units in the game.


A heavy soldier is the cousin of the Light Soldier, having slightly more firepower and health. It costs 20$ to make and is a reliable, well rounded troop in the first 40 or so minutes of the game.

A heavy soldier wears metal plates on its legs, arms and torso so it can represent it is more stronger than its younger counterpart. It holsters a M4 Carbine.


Usually used the entire game, heavy soldiers are a reliable part of any army. Later on in the game, these soldiers are mainly not mixed with light soldiers even if it was recommended by the creator.

Attacking Strategies

At the beginning of the game, they are mainly used to either raid a command center or to destroy enemy armies. Later on in the game, people use them with tanks to get more attack damage. Another great strategy is to put them into Humvees, this will grant them extra protection, mobility and the Humvee is generally targeted first, leaving the heavy soldiers unharmed.

Although the original creator of the game stated that Heavy Soldiers should be mingled with Light Soldiers, many players do not do this as they have either A) enough money to purchase entirely Heavy Soldiers, or B) They don't understand the need of cheapness. This is partially true and false. During the first few 30 or so minutes of the game, mingling with Light Soldiers is key to defending or attacking enemy buildings, as during the beginning, it is harder to gain income for an entire army to be Heavy Soldiers.


  • Even if it appears with more armor, the damage is the difference, not the health!
  • Similar to light soldiers, heavy soldiers are armed with M4 carbines.


Heavysoldier astramilitarium

Astra Militarium soldier.


Seebataillon heavy soldier.


Halo heavy soldier.


Japanese heavy soldier.