Overview Edit

A heavy soldier is an original unit from the game, The Conquerors. It is a commonly used unit in the game.

Usage Edit

Mostly in the beginning of the game, these heavy soldiers aren't used due to claiming power plants or nuclear plants with people who made a truce. Later on in the game, these soldiers are mainly not mixed with light soldiers even if it was recommended by the creator. If they are used in the beginning in the game, they are mainly used for destroying a command center due to it being generally undefended in the beginning. However, it would take a few waves, as the command center is buffed during the first 20 minutes.

Attacking Strategies Edit

In the beginning in the game, they are mainly used to either raid a command center or destroying enemy armies. Later on in the game, people use them with tanks to get more attack damage. Another great strategy is to put them into Humvees, this will grant them extra protection, mobility and the Humvee is generally targeted first, leaving the heavy soldiers unharmed.

Trivia Edit

To show that its more durable than its weaker counterpart, the torso and linbs are covered in metal plates, simaler to Heavy Tanks, Heavy Planes and Juggernauts

Gallery Edit

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