A glitch or a bug is an accidental malfunction in the game's engine, showing behavior that shouldn't appear in the game.

Here are some of the glitches that occur:

This weird thing i dont even know how to name it ~ Not fixed

Its super weird and funny to look at, just look at this image.

Just look at this

Stuck with the grass baseplate without character ~ Not fixed

It happens to me ALL the time. I get stuck in the green baseplate or starry sky without my character and just my screen and I can navigate as if I were in studio and there are little islands, then minutes after that, it kicks me out the game.

It basically means that I can't play any game in The Conquerors 3 at all. It is one of the most game-breaking glitches.

That's Not it. Sometimes A Uncommon Glitch Will Happen It Loads Everything But You Cant Move. After That You Will Be Kicked From The Game.

Buildings menu doesn't open ~ Not Fixed

A rare glitch that happens randomly. Unable to open the 'Create Buildings' menu despite pressing the u key or the hotkey set to open the menu. Often happens in between a war, i.e. when there is heavy server activity.

Resetting fixes this

Troops fall into water ~ Fixed

Sometimes when troops are located nearby the shore they can sometimes fall into the water.

This is a problem since the troops can now only be in the water and cannot get out.

This is used to annoy some players by attacking their sea troops with these.

Ground units can some times get past if you unload troops in transport planes on top of water but have some sort of land near by eg:the bridge on the city 3

This has been fixed, so that if an unwanted ground unit gets past the invisible wall, it gets eradicated but can some times glitch out and let the units in the water. :(

Jumping on troops ~ (Fixed)

Sometimes when stepping on troops they get flung into the air very high and fall back down, but, at certain situations they don't.

Also when stepping and jumping on troops they may fall through the ground and die.

This has been fixed so that they possibly use smooth CFrame or bodyvelocity, or even other ROBLOX components to prevent them from falling or flying away. Another feature designed to stop this is that soldiers are No-Collided so you won't step and fling them off.

You can still fling them actually, it just will teleport back to their original spot.

Hacking ~ Fixed

"Hacking" or "Exploiting", more accurately "Manipulation of the game's system" is a cheating method that was fixed after BrokenBone enabled Filtering Enabled (FE).

Filtering Enabled makes it so that if the cheater does something, they can only see it.

Meaning if they were to copy lots of units, the server would count it as if they had only for example had 2 units instead of 5.

Buildings Disappearing ~ Fixed

This has happened to me twice and an enemy once. I'm sure i didn't delete the building and nothing attacked it.

This also happened to an enemy who left's barracks in the center of their base.

(lol no somebody stealthily attacked and bombed your building)

(lol no somebody hacked and deleted your building lmao.)

Slots failing to reload ~ Fixed

Rarely after a slot has been filled and restarted it just disappears.


Transport ships flipping unto the land ~ Not Fixed

Sometimes when the transport ship is near the shore it can suddenly flip on to the land and take damage.

Ship glitch

The transport ship doesn't eradicate like the ground units do upon bypassing the navy invisible wall.

Sometimes the ship will be 'buried' entirely, rendering the ship useless, and if unable to sell the ship, it permanently takes up one naval slot.

This can occasionally happen to Gunboats too, and can be used as a coastal defence gun if it isn't destroyed.

Ships getting stuck under another ship ~ Not Fixed

When ships gather in an area or a ship is made on top of another ship the ship can become stuck and submerged.

This Usually Happenes To Battleships And Aircraft Carriers When Youre Moving A Carrier Be Sure To Give It Space So It Doesnt Glitch.

Players failing to join ~ Not Fixed (ROBLOX Error)

Usually at the start of the round one person is missing.

Possible outcomes could be that ROBLOX shut's down and loses connection, or something else.

The Only Possible Way On Why This Happens Is Becasue The Game Either Encountered A Connection.

Its A Common Glitch Right Now.

Team player limit bypass ~ Not Fixed

Double red

Two players in a same colour team, it is extremely rare.

No idea what will happen about it because they aren't talking.

(different person to the lines above)

I once saw a server with 3 people in one team.

Theory- People can bypass the max player limit by joining a game at the EXACT same time. This may occur when people click join a round at the same time someone else does. This creates a server with more than the max number of people.

This can be irritating, as one user in the two-user team could control and cause chaos. That means if the second user wastes money, all users in that team suffer the same fate.

Non-aerial units suspended in mid-air ~ Not Fixed


A medic deployed from a transport plant that is standing on the invisible barrier, making it seem to 'float'


A tank spawned right on the border.

A slightly amusing bug. This is caused by an invisible barrier that separates the land from the sea. Sometimes the troop either gets deployed right onto the border(eg from a transport plane) or a nearby production building spawns a unit on the border.

Joining servers with the open team's "Dead" status ~ Apparently Fixed

Sometime this works and one can 'spectate' an ongoing match. However, often there are many glitches that occurs when trying to join the server.

One very common bug is being stuck in an empty skybox after joining the server. Other times it connects to a game that has just started.

A weird block on "Six Small Island" map

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 6.59.50 pm

Probably a bug associated with the map layout.

It could be a node or a part of the terrain that was used, though, it's a nice probably accidental detail.

Buildings appear to still be building

There have been incidents where at the start everyone's Command Center, and sometimes plants, appear to either only be the base plate foundation or halfway built. But, even with this appearance, the CC will still shoot and the plants will still make money. This usually happens when changing skins while a building is being built. It can sometimes fix itself after a while. This has also been experienced with units.

Nuclear Plant Glitch-0

Glitching into terrain ~ Not Fixed

There have been people seen to glitch into terrain for a reason. The speed walk might be causing the glitch.

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