The fire missile is a weapon, similar to the nuclear missile, in the Conquerors 3. It is made in the nuclear silo, though it must be researched at a research center.

It takes 4 minutes to produce.


A Fire Missile inside a Nuclear Silo. It looks identical to a Nuclear Missile.


The radius of the fire spread


The impact does no damage, but it causes nearby units and buildings to catch fire, which will in turn spread to other nearby units and buildings. This makes it a great weapon to use against bases where buildings are close together. There doesn't appear to be a limit to how long the fire can spread, as it seems to spread to every single unit and building within range of a burning target, with the exception of some air units. A target that has already been burned once will not catch fire again from a fire started by the same missile. However, it can catch on fire again from a different missile. Fires don't always kill the target, as there is a time limit to how long they burn. But it seems that a fire missile can burn long enough to destroy turrets and AA turrets at full health, kill anything weaker than a heavy soldier, and severely damage stronger units. One advantage over the nuclear missile is that it is able to go through the shields created by shield generators. In addition, its range of effect is slightly larger than a nuclear missile's.


Fire missiles are good for taking out enemy units, as they take more health than normal buildings. This can be used when you or your ally is about to rush an enemy base that has a big number of units, as the fire missile can weaken ground units, but not air and naval.


  • Although the fire missile and nuclear missile are similar in design, the fire missile doesn't have a circular blast that is on the nuclear missile.
  • Although it's nearly impossible to catch an air unit on fire, they can, but this is a very rare occurance.