This strategy can be used solo, and is a strategy that can be used to fight against an entire server. This is a rewrite, and shall explain how this works. This is written by catgogo5.

First off. to maximize the effectiveness of the tanks, make sure you have 5 Explosive Tanks, Now make sure a unit shields it, get a few Heavy Planes, and soldiers.

Once you possess the means to handle an army(not necessarily a BASE) send every unit to ram into a base; Tanks behind the soldiers.

If you pull off a successful formation, at least 4/5 Explosive tanks will hit, Instantly downing a CC(Command Center), and will have saved lots of money on a single army. You may even still somehow have explosive tanks left over for another raid.

One must remember that many variations can be used alongside the strategy, and this is moldable and interchangeable entirely off other strategies, by replacing heavy tanks, for the extremely cheap explosive, this can take out even HEAVILY GUARDED bases. However you might need a bait (most preferred a plane as they seem to have the highest priority for units or buildings to shoot at) then while the HQ's or CC's or Forts or even turrets are shooting at the planes, you rush in with the explosive tank.