The explosive tank is a tank unit in the Conquerors 3 that explodes upon impact. It is generally used in raiding as a way to quickly destroy buildings. The explosive tank is not very effective against units and is weak if swarmed. Explosive tanks only do damage to the target they hit(unit or building). They do not have a blast radius like the nuke.


The explosive tank is best used in groups. Many players will use soldiers and/or other units to shield the explosive tanks from damage so they can reach their target. Four explosive tanks are required to destroy a Command Center. Most people who see a explosive tank heading toward their base will move any units in the way of the tank, this is why it is a good idea to have tanks on their own squad selection. (num pad 2 or 3 if your main army is in 1) as you can maneuver your tanks without affecting the main army/ cannon fodder and can get a better path.