An Energy Crystal is a pre-generated special type of block that exists on every map of the game. It is used to place production buildings around it for income such as Power Plants and Nuclear Plants. it is one of the most important things in the game.


As the overview suggests, it is mainly used by Power Plants and Nuclear Plants for providing income. When placing down a power plant or nuclear plant, it also allows the player to build in that area and make a base out of it; A unit must be nearby in order to first build a plant near the crystal, but afterwards any building can be placed near the plant.

Only one plant can be placed near a crystal at a time, but allies can place each of their plants on the same crystal.

Attacking Strategies

When attacking a player, an energy crystal can be useful to make bases near their main base to get an army to their base quicker; Be sure to make defense around the base and clear out all enemy buildings / units or you can be attacked easily!

At the beginning of a game, an energy crystal will always be next to one's base. Always build a plant here as it's the closest and safest crystal to build upon. The next best crystal to build a plant on would be the crystal next to an ally's base. However, there are usually a couple other crystals near one's base that are generally safe to build by.


  • There is a blue variant of this that only spawns on the cave map.
  • There is a yellow variant of this that only spawns on the Mars maps
  • Glowing green barrels of the substance can be seen on Nuclear Plants and Power Plants. It is unknown why a nuclear power plant would run on the substance unless it is supposed to be uranium, and power plants usually produce electricity, whereas in The Conquerors 3 they produce income.