Construction Yard
Cost 0 (Cost for construction soldier is 25)
Purpose To be able to make buildings nearby it
Income None
Health Weak
Damage None
Reload (Seconds) None


A construction yard is a original building that has gone through appearance changes. It can be easily destroyed.


Construction yards can be made from construction soldiers (made at barracks or found near your base in naval maps). They are used for placing buildings in it's radius. When using construction yards, they can be used to make naval shipyards in the first minutes of the game to travel to other zones that cannot be reached by foot. They can also be used for portable building spots when none of your buildings are close to that area.

Once something is built near the yard, it is typically sold to free up building space as you can then build around whatever building was built near the yard.

Attacking Strategies

When using construction yards, it is good to make them defended if your map is a map that involves more than 50% water for the map. It can also be used to get nearby enemy bases or areas to set up camp or make as a checkpoint or trap.