"So, wanna win a war, do you?" - AdamEdit

This strategy is in no way perfect, It is neither inferior or Superior.Edit

You might think by the title, that this will instantly make one exceptionally good at the game,Edit

You must know what you can and can't do, but it boils down to the risks involved.

The Galactic Takeover is a strategy developed by users Catgogo5 and 03jc9.


- You must be prepared to take risks, such as leaving allies to defend you,

This requires that you abandon your defence for the sake of power.

1. Immediately after the round begins, place a nuclear plant at your base.

2. You begin with soldiers, send them IMMEDIATELY to capture crystals.

3. Make sure to have an ally to protect your crystals, do not buy a barracks.

4. The moment you can afford to buy a Space Link, place one immediately.

(At this point, if you had an ally, they'll be able to buy space ships from you)

(If you didn't buy any people, you can now mass produce an army of ships)

5. Buy an army of Space Ships, have a friend help you.

6. Once you have enough men, have your ally raid a base with you,

(With your space ships, assuming you make more money than the enemy;

Raid the weakest base, your army will most likely win on the first attempt.)

Short and Detailed Version -

Capture the vacant crystals, have an ally defend them,

save for a Space Link, and if your ally has a barracks and Tank Warehouse,

Buy from them to make an army, raid a base and set up a plant there,

With the money you make off all the plants you got:
You should be able to completely take over every base without trouble.


- This Strategy is most effective on servers with more defensive players, since they don't go for the crystals.

- The user who made this Strategy, catgogo5, got the inspiration off the Galactic Federation, from Metroid.

- This strategy is an extremely high risk, high reward strategy, and you must have a VERY good ally

(Due to the fact, they'll probably not take and defend your crystals if they don't also attempt this Strategy)

Author Note:Edit

This Strategy is one built entirely off teamwork;

One person saves their money for Space Ships[which are quite powerful] to destroy the enemy,

another person makes sure the enemy doesn't take the crystals[or your base]

This strategy also goes a LOT better than using a nuke, it's a lot more efficient in taking over the server.

Walk in the books you read... 22:04, October 30, 2016 (UTC)

Other Variants of this Strategy(Because no one variant of the same strategy is for everyone.)Edit

Essential Information for the To-be Indestructible Master of War!

Galactic Unision Strategy(Iironically renamed it as such because of how impractical it's strategy is)

Survival Mode, Executing perfection.

Juggernaut Rush Strategy[had to completely rewrite this variant, because it's original contents were completely idiotic.)

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