By Rouge_Grenade again. HELLOW THERE

Kinda made this cuz I'm jealous that Anthosian over there has better stuff than I do so.....



When you are cornered to your CC, and surrounded, do the following-

  1. Don't show your numbers- use forts or your CC to garrison what remains of your army, the foe will have a surprise when he comes for you.
  2. See if you can get a scout, construction soldier, or/and a jeep or something fast moving into your ally's base if you don't already have your PP there.
  3. (A bit trolly) Destroy your CC so the enemy does not get coins (I know I'm mean...)
  4. DO NOT waste money by building turrets or whatsoever if you know your CC is doomed
  5. Have your vengeance by taking out a few of your foe's PP if you can.
  6. Note- It takes 2 waves of 10 heavy soldiers to destroy a full hp CC
  7. Note- It takes about 10 heavy soldiers and 3-4 tanks to destroy a full hp CC
  8. If you know that your CC can still survive, (or that you are the last one alive on your alliance) let the units take the damage.
  9. Tomorrow I'll write about offence cuz its getting late ova he're!!
  10. ​_____Offense stuff now_____
  11. For the new players, use your skins to intimidate them. Trust me, it works like 80% of the time.
  12. In naval maps, strive for sea domination, then air. (meanwhile build up your army)
  13. Nukes are only if you are really late game and there is a deadlock.
  14. Note- Nuclear Silos takes longer to build than for a nuke to be produced.
  15. Note- Once you have your Nuclear Silo up, the production of Nukes is about 1 every 5 mins.
  16. If you know you are against a crafty opponent, use destroyers on naval maps since they have both air and sub defense.
  17. Let damage spread through your army, they may be hurt but they can still shoot!
  18. Remember to heal after step 17
  19. Be a fake noob, 51% of the time nobody will target you.
  20. Use suicidal charges as a distraction. (Exp: 5 scouts charge into an power plant site, the enemy builts turrets on it. While he is doing that, you move your army and crush the foe's CC)
  21. Space fighters are about as fast as a stealth bomber.
  22. ____That ends for today____