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The Cartoon Building skin pack is a cosmetic skin pack series that costs 800 ROBUX. This skin pack changes the appearance of almost all buildings to a certain theme.

It changes all buildings included to a theme associated with cartoony gnome-themed houses, with roofs being your team colour and everything else being white.

Does not apply to: landmines, water mines, and all units

  • Cartoon Headquarters
  • Cartoon Command Center
  • Cartoon Fort
  • Cartoon Bunker
  • Cartoon Barracks
  • Cartoon Tank Factory
  • Cartoon Airport
  • Cartoon Naval Shipyard
  • Cartoon Space Link
  • Cartoon Soldier House
  • Cartoon Tank House
  • Cartoon Plane House
  • Cartoon Naval House
  • Cartoon Power Plant
  • Cartoon Nuclear Plant
  • Cartoon Oil Rig
  • Cartoon Turret
  • Cartoon Anti-Air Turret
  • Cartoon Shield Generator
  • Cartoon Research Center
  • Cartoon Hospital
  • Cartoon Construction Yard
  • Cartoon Nuclear Silo